Hookshow#48- Holiday bargains and giving back

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Running Time 22:56
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Topic 1: Saving money
Inspired by Ascii Atom's post about saving money
Alot of these sites claim the same savings, do your own comparisons to get the best bang for your buck and minimized stress this holiday season.

Topic 2: Giving Back
Inspired by Jumping monkeys podcast "Spend, Save, Give"
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The music featured in this podcast:
Intro Buddha Chill by Joe DJ- trancentral,
A podcast Christmas theme by Tom Shad, A Pirate Christmas by Tom Smith


Online Tips Guru said...

check out this link if you are looking for great deals and cash back rewards

asciiadam said...

BTW, if your budget is tight why not wake up early to save money on Black Friday?

If shopping is stressful, why not make it stressful for the stores as you only purchase leading loss products?

Especially when you realize that there are a lot of stores that could provide you with some new & cheap clothes for your next kid.

Even if your first couple of experiences seeking out deals is a net loss. It establishes good habits for yourself (and especially for Gwen).

Keep in mind, "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still." The more I encourage you to save money while you like your wasteful life, the more you will justify and defend your waste.

asciiadam said...

KeyCode Expiring offers is quite useful. Nice going.

Jennifer said...

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